IELTS Exam Preparation Tips: Getting Ready for IELTS

Getting ready for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam can be challenging and a lengthy process. However, many people successfully give this exam, often with high scores. You can be one of these people as well—as long as you prepare thoroughly and use a few helpful tips to prepare effectively.

Here are some IELTS preparation tips that can help you score better and feel more confident in your preparation.

Focus on Vocabulary

Your vocabulary becomes the foundation of the way you speak, write, and understanding the things you read. When you’re reading to prepare for the exam, don’t skip any words you don’t understand. Make a note of them and search up their meanings, while also attempting to understand what they could mean based on the context.

To further increase your vocabulary, make a note of phrases or words that are regularly used in writing. This helps you get a better idea of how sentences are formed and to use words with the correct context. If you don’t feel confident in these new additions to your vocabulary, practice saying the words out loud at least 10-20 times and using them as you speak and write.

Practice Your Pronunciation

The way you pronounce words is going to make a major difference in the speaking part of your IELTS exam. You may be an avid reader and have an extensive vocabulary, but if you don’t know how the words are supposed to sound in real life, you won’t be able to ace your speaking exam.

You can work on this by watching movies in English with the subtitles on. This helps you hear the sound of a word while also seeing the way it is spelled and how it looks in writing. Get a good idea of the way the speaker places emphasis on certain parts of a word.

You can also take online English lessons through Zoom. This may add on to the work you are doing by watching films and listening to people speak English because it allows you to converse—in real time—with someone who is dedicated to helping you grasp the pronunciation of each word.

It also helps you become more fluent in conversation, you that you’re less nervous when speaking during your exam.

Take a Mock Exam

One of the best ways to increase your confidence and decrease your anxiety levels during the real IELTS exam is to practice taking mocking exams. The mock exams give you an idea of the way the exam is formatted so that you won’t be taken by surprise by how the questions are laid out.

In fact, an important part of IELTS exam preparation is knowing how to divide your time and ensure you go through each section thoroughly. When you know how the questions are formatted and which sections take you the longest to complete, you can dedicate your time to the respective sections accordingly.

Final Words

There are many different tips and tricks to effectively prepare for your IELTS exam. Remember to be confident in your preparation—quelling the feelings of anxiety is essential to being able to focus on your answers.

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