How to Prepare for an Interview as a Non-Native English Speaker

Updated: Jan 7

Giving an interview can be a daunting experience and can make you nervous even when you are a fluent English speaker going for an interview with English-speaking interviewers. And when you’re learning how to prepare for an interview as a non-native English speaker, you might be nervous about your ability to convey your points effectively.

However, people from all over the world who are not native English speakers in an English-speaking country have gotten great jobs. It’s not as challenging as you may think, and with a little practice, you’ll make it evident that you have the skills and talent to get your dream job. Here are some interview tips for non-native English speakers.

Practice Saying the Answers to Common Questions

Even if your interviewer mixes or switches the questions, the general idea remains the same. Common questions such as “what makes you fit for this position?” or “why should we give you this job?” can be asked in a few different ways, but your answer is going to be the same.

Practice answering these questions in front of a mirror to gauge your expression, hand movements, and posture. You should also practice in front of a video camera, record your answers, and refer to the video until you’ve addressed any issues you see.

Get Someone to Help

If you have an English-speaking friend that can help you, they can watch the video you’ve recorded and help you by pointing out where you need to make adjustments. You can also enlist them to take a mock interview so that you feel more confident about speaking in front of someone else.

Read the News About Current Events

Even if you have a vague idea of what’s going on in the world, it’s smart to read up on important events through the news, articles online, or watching informative videos. This way, even if you become nervous and flustered when the interviewer asks you general questions about current events, you’ll be able to rely on the information you read to feel more comfortable as you speak.

Listen Carefully to the Interviewer

If you know that you need to pay extra attention in order to understand a question, make sure that you listen as closely as possible when the interviewer is speaking. Oftentimes, we are so nervous about our answer that we lose track of what the question is.

However, if you try to stay calm and note any important points that need to be addressed in the question, you can give a more confident and clear answer.

Final Words

Everything gets better with practice, including your speaking and listening skills. Don’t get frustrated or angry with yourself if you get nervous or stutter in interviews. All interviewers know that the candidates are nervous, and they usually won’t hold it against you.

Just be confident in your answers and remember—you’re there for the interview because you have the skills that were needed to make it this far.

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