FCE - B2 First Exam Preparation in Lockdown

What is the B2 First exam? Previously known as the First Certificate in English exam, the B2 First exam is an English exam. While it takes a bit of preparation, it is a good option for those looking for further certification in their English language abilities.

Preparing for any kind of exam in the midst of a lockdown has both its pros and cons. It’s difficult to prepare for an exam when you struggle to get a good grasp on the subject you are being examined on. If English has always been an area of difficulty for you, managing through the pandemic can be challenging—but it can be done.

The B2 First Exam is an indication that you are equipped with sufficient skills to speak English confidently in an English-speaking environment. It comes in two formats, for school-age learners and for general and higher education adult learners.

Have you been finding it tough to prepare? Here are some ways to help you get a better idea on how to prepare for the B2 First Exam.

Study Online with a Partner

Even if you can’t prepare for the exam in the company of other people in a library or group study session, you can still do it over a video conference and go through questions together.

The best part about having a study session online is that you’re in the comfort of your home with all your preparation material, so you can cover several topics in one session than if you had to bring limited resources to an in-person study session.

Read as Much as You Can

If you’re serious about getting the best preparation possible, read as much literature as you can. You can go through academic texts, novels, biographies, or anything which you find has a collection of words and phrases that will help you improve your writing abilities.

Whenever you come across a phrase or word that you find interesting, make sure to note it down. The more you make note of text that catches your attention, the more you’ll be able to absorb the content that you’re reading. Afterwards, practice enhancing your writing by using the words and phrases you have noted down.

Join an Online Class

If you’re looking for ways to supplement your reading and study sessions, join online English lessons on Zoom with trained individuals dedicated to helping you score well.

The best part about an online English class is that they know what the requirements of the exam are, how you can score the highest score, and can walk you through mock versions of the test in order to help you get a better idea of how the test is done.

Final Words

You can also attempt mock B2 First exams on your own and discuss the way you went about them during an online class or with a friend on a conference call.

Studying during a pandemic is difficult, but you can take advantage of the quiet and slow pace of the world around you to make sure you go over all your material thoroughly.

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