English training for business advancement; general English courses; exam preparation courses.

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At Prolingo, we offer numerous courses for adults interested in English training for business advancement. We specialize in helping international students, professionals, and those looking to hone their English skills with both General English courses and exam preparation courses for FCE, CAE, BEC, and IETLS certification.

Our online English classes help with career development, learning to thrive in the current and ever-changing global economy, as well as understanding and networking in an English-speaking world—especially if you are an international student who is passionate about building excellent communication skills.

What Adult Courses Do We Offer?

The English training for career advancement that we offer are available as the following courses:

  • General English: Our General English courses range from PET, FCE, CAE, BEC, and IELTS exam preparation courses, getting you well equipped in a career where English is the primary language of communication.

  • Exam Preparation: The Exam Preparation courses we offer have a convenient one-on-one tuition over Zoom—making it a comfortable learning experience that prepares you for several hours every week.

  • Career Development: Our Career Development courses help people off all ages develop practical skills that will enable them to communicate and thrive in their careers with the help of a solid grasp of English.

  • Business English: Business English has become essential to networking, communicating, and writing in the business arena, which is why we help our clients hone their grammar, and English skills needed for today’s economy.

  • Tourism & Hospitality: Tourism and Hospitality flourish from meaningful interactions, meaning that strong English skills are necessary to grow in this industry—with help from contacts currently working in the industry.

  • English for Engineering: Engineering contains an immense amount of specialized terminology that is required to become a reliable and efficient professional in the field. Our classes allow you to choose a course that works specifically for the branch of engineering you are part of.

  • Nursing & Care Work: You can’t take care of others if you aren’t able to effectively understand their needs. Caring for others requires empathetic, clear language that comforts and guides people so that they feel at ease. That’s why our Nursing and Care Work courses provide you with the integral communication skills you need to get along with patients and healthcare professionals in order to make a difference in someone’s life.

  • English for Aviation: When working in the aviation industry, you are required to understand many technical terms in order to ensure that things run smoothly. Being confident with your English and having the ability to convey information and messages clearly and effectively is a major part of this career—which is why we offer classes that give you first-hand knowledge of the industry.

  • Pharmaceutical English: If you’re working in the pharmaceutical industry, our teachers go the extra mile to ensure that you’re also well-equipped with the language necessary for your particular sector. A clear understanding of the diverse language of pharmacy is important to keep up with the fast pace of this career—and our online classes will help you develop that skill.

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