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Updated: Jan 7

What is Business English? If you want to be fully prepared for the globalised economy, you need to understand the business world, international trade, commerce, finance, etc. and the language that is used to discuss these subjects.

Business English comprises of a certain level of clarity and a specific kind of vocabulary and grammar that belongs only to this branch of English.

Although it helps in communicating with those in the business world, a student who enters the economy without awareness of Business English will struggle. That’s why it’s one of the most important career development skills that need to be acquired.

Here’s what you need to know about Business English for career development and how you can prepare for a rewarding career by enhancing your skills.

Applying for Jobs

When a student enters the corporate world and is looking for a challenging yet rewarding career, they must meet the requirements and standards of the companies they wish to work for. If you want to work at a fast-paced, competitive organization, you need to have a polished, clear and well-defined CV that highlights your skills and talks about your achievements in a language that depicts your experience, knowledge and business acumen.

Business English courses help students refine their CVs, focus on the skills and achievements relevant to the positions they are applying for, and communicate that information in a way that is presentable and in line with how potential employers communicate.


Business English significantly helps you give better interviews and achieve more successful results. When you’re able to present yourself in a professional manner as someone who knows how to communicate and discuss business with correct language usage, you come across as skilled and ready to learn new ideas easily.

The jargon and clarity you have when talking about business in interviews sets you apart from other candidates. With Business English, future employers can identify which potential employees will find it easier to adjust to the environment and catch on to the way the rest of the teams communicate.


A major problem with students trying to prepare for the global economy is difficulty in networking, connecting, and maintaining rapport with experienced people that are already in the industry you want to be a part of. Having a network that can support you, guide you, and help you with aspects of your career that you aren’t experienced in is essential to surviving.

If you’re unable to communicate at the level that these individuals communicate at, you will find yourself struggling to maintain those connections. Business English courses help you effectively communicate and express yourself in emails and different business social networking platforms.

Final Words

Investing in a Business English course can provide you with an ample amount of support to get your career on the move. Whether it is email or CV writing, networking, or giving interviews, the course can increase your chances of success. If you’re looking for a promising platform to help you in the areas that you struggle with, consider looking into our online English lessons. Visit our page to learn more at Prolingo UK.

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